Cbre Declaration Of Contractual Agreement

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assignment: the transfer agreement covered by Article 4 of these Terms and Conditions within the meaning of Article 4; 6.8 The contractor is responsible for all costs associated with transporting goods for disposal, such as packaging materials, loading and unloading. The contractor is required to arrange appropriate insurance to cover risks that may arise during transportation. 7.3 At CBRE`s first application, the contractor must provide CBRE with a certificate of good conduct issued by a municipality as well as the personal data of a person participating in the corresponding transfer. 20.4 The licensee ensures that all goods delivered under the transfer are not contaminated and have not been attached to them. 6.2 Subject to CBRE`s prior written consent, the contractor will not use the services of another person, corporation or assistant when executing the transfer contract. The contractor must exercise due diligence when hiring another person. Whether or not the contractor hires another person, the contractor is fully responsible for the execution of the assignment. 8.3 An assignment for a given mandate ends at the end of the period for which it was completed or after the completion of the term. 13.4 Each amount charged by CBRE is paid within thirty (30) working days following the receipt of the corresponding invoice by CBRE, provided that the period provides that this period does not begin until after the execution of the assignment by the contractor. 13.3 At CBRE`s first request, the contractor sends CBRE a statement indicating who was employed to execute the assignment, on what days it must be done and how many hours per day. 14.2 At CBRE`s first application, the contractor is required to provide CBRE with proof that the contractor paid all value-added and wage taxes as well as national and wage insurance premiums in the execution of the corresponding assignment in a timely manner.

Such a declaration must be made by the Office of the Tax and Customs Administration and the UWV and must be a certified original. 6.6 The contractor is responsible for the purchase of equipment necessary to carry out the transfer, including equipment and tools. This device must comply with the provisions of the law (for safety or other means) applicable when executing the assignment. 19.2 The contractor is required to inform CBRE without delay of all intellectual property rights found in connection with the transfer. At CBRE`s first request, the licensee cedes all intellectual property rights found in the transfer to CBRE. 6.13 The contractor is required to take appropriate action for the purpose of the transfer in order to avoid personal injury, property damage and damage to the environment. 7.4 The CBRE is at any time entitled to terminate the assignment with immediate effect, removing it in writing – without compensation – if the contractor violates the provisions of paragraphs 7.1 to 7.3 or if, in other way, he does not act in accordance with the integrity he expects. In addition, CBRE has the right to revoke the assignment with immediate effect and without liability for costs if the contractor is involved or is in any form in danger of requests made by or on behalf of a public authority concerning the integrity of its staff. 8.5 After the termination of the assignment due to the termination of the assignment, termination or expiry of the term for which it was concluded, the holder is required to pay CBRE the royalty payable in accordance with the terms of the confirmation of the assignment and the provisions of Article 11 of these Terms and Conditions, as well as all costs incurred by CBRE for the purposes or in connection with the assignment.