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Below is more detailed information on filling out the credit transfer contract (“Clarification of the transfer authorization”). You`ll find the forms you need in the download section. This procedure applies to all faculty and university agreements, independently organised mobility, and the CH-Unimobil programme (mobility in Switzerland). All mobility students from the Faculty of Economics and Computer Science must enter into a transfer agreement before the start of their mobility semester. This is a binding agreement that determines whether the credits for each module are eligible for transmission. Once the master`s thesis, the BIO 520 and the other modules agreed in the apprenticeship agreement have been completed, students must apply for the master`s degree through the faculty`s student administration platform: studentadmin.mnf.uzh.ch At the beginning of the master`s degree, students must establish a written agreement with the master`s director and the chosen concentration coordinator and define their entire curriculum. This apprenticeship agreement must also be signed by the head of the Academic Biology Support Office and is mandatory. The Dean will not issue master`s degrees until the courses and modules listed in the apprenticeship agreement have been completed. Procedure: Fill out the online form, then get a pdf. Get the signature of your supervisor and master`s coordinator and personally bring it to the Academic`s Biological Support Office (Irchel Y13-J-01). The apprenticeship agreement must be signed no later than the start of the master`s thesis. Treaty changes are possible if all signatories agree on this point. You don`t need to fill out a new form.

Up to 10 additional ECTS modules can be taken into account in the average rating. Semp (formerly ERASMUS) Exchange students must also enter into an apprenticeship agreement. The apprenticeship agreement is an important factor in obtaining scholarships, but has no influence on the right to transfer credits to your studies in our faculty. The clarification is formalized before the start of a mobility semester by the presentation of a written transfer contract, which must be signed by both the exam manager and the student (see downloads). Instead of a 12-month master`s thesis (60 ECTS), students can follow a three-month research project (BIO 500, 15 ECTS) and a nine-month master`s degree (45 ECTS) or two three-month research projects (15 ECTS each) and a six-month master`s degree (30 ECTS). These last two options are rarely accepted. In any event, the comprehensive apprenticeship agreement, including mastery, must be agreed and signed before the start of one of the projects, and research projects must be completed before the master`s work.