Electorate And Research Employees General Agreement

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Below is a list of active public procurement and agreements. This list is maintained by Public Sector Labour Relations. Although every attempt is made to ensure that the information contained on this page is up to date, the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of the information cannot be guaranteed. The department assumes no responsibility for claims that may result from the action or exclusion of a person on this information. Please visit the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website for the most recent list of awards and agreements in force for the public sector in Western Australia. This election officer position performs a wide range of duties to support the work of the Member of Parliament. The Election Officer is responsible for collecting, researching, analyzing and providing information that the member needs. The role is also a first point of contact for constituent demands and offers sensitive and confidential representation of interests and support to members of the Jandakot electorate. Assistance with administrative functions related to the operations of the electoral office, to the extent necessary, is also part of the tasks to be performed.

Scaddan IM stated that the claim for benefits, based on the application of cl 8(2)(b)(iv) of the arbitral award and that there was no agreement between the respondent and the Union on the alleged course of employment of the claimant, must be rejected. Scaddan IM stated that, given the normal meaning of the terms, the transaction has no transaction relevant to the termination of a worker, unless there is an agreement between the respondent (as an employer) and the Civil Services Association of AV Inc. (as the Union) on the “other circumstances”. All work must be carried out on behalf of and for the Member and the electoral office where the official carries out his activities. Please contact Mr. Colin de Grussa at Colin.deGrussa@nationalswa.com for more information. . This position is offered as part of the Electorate and Research Employees General Agreement 2014. This full-time position begins on May 22, 2017 and is subject to a six-month probation period, with the appointment for the member`s term. Experience and/or qualifications in communication and/or public policy are highly valued. Scaddan IM noted that there are four cases where an employee`s contract is considered terminated through no fault of the employee.

Three cases concern the member`s office, with the fourth instance providing for `other [unspecified] circumstances agreed between the employer and the Union`: Article 8(2)(b)(iv) of the arbitral award. . . . For more information on the selection criteria and job duties, please see the attached job description form. . . .