Sps Collective Bargaining Agreement

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The school district recognizes the importance of maintaining relationships with staff in a positive manner and advising staff on decisions about salary and other terms and conditions of employment. If the workers so request, the district will conduct collective bargaining in accordance with the law, in agreement with the workers` representatives. In addition, the Council is aware that collective agreements are legally binding and undertakes to implement the provisions of any agreement. The legal obligation of collective bargaining does not oblige district or workers` representatives to accept a proposal or make concessions. Board directives and district procedures apply in the absence of a binding agreement when the agreement does not address an issue or when an agreement expires and no new agreement is reached with respect to the issue. November 2019: CBAs 2019-2022 are now online. Members of the Spokane Education Association voted on October 8, 2019 to ratify the latest treaties. These are three-year contracts. Below are the Stamford Public Schools employee association agreements. Spokane Education Association and Spokane Public Schools often conclude statements of intent on different topics. Paraeducators of Stamford Association, Inc. / UPSEU (Paraeducators) The Board of Directors and its representatives will conduct respectful negotiations with workers` representatives.

It is important that negotiations do not disrupt the functioning of the school or have a negative impact on the educational environment. The ultimate goal of all negotiations is to ensure the necessary services to provide excellent education to district students in a safe environment based on a solid and realistic budget. . . .