Svitzer Enterprise Agreement

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“Svitzer Australia is trying to negotiate in good faith with the unions a new company agreement that will result in a fair outcome for employees and ensure that Svitzer is built on a sustainable foundation to offer rewarding careers and important towing services across Australia.” For the most part, Svitzer Australia was not prepared to enter into meaningful negotiations for a new company agreement after the previous agreement expired,” said Ian Bray, MUA Deputy National Secretary. Svitzer`s corporate agreement expired in December 2019, but continues to operate in accordance with the Fair Work Act, which means that high wages and conditions for employees remain unchanged, the company stressed. This page is being revised and is being updated The majority of AIMPE members have defined their terms and conditions of employment through a company agreement (see above), but the basis of the AES is a series of modern prices. When an application for EA authorization is submitted, it is subject to the “Better Off Over” test – known as BOOT. The Fair Work Commission applies the BOOT test to each proposed EA. If the staff is not generally better off, the proposed EA should not be approved. Svitzer Australia made the following statement when asked for an explanation. This result only reinforces the fact that the members of Svitzer MUA are united and ready to fight for what is right in their sector. Prior to the COVID-19 onslaught, Svitzer was in the midst of negotiations on the National Enterprise Agreement (EA). The company took advantage of the pandemic to its advantage, as did most large companies, and decided to end negotiations and began changing Svitzer`s terms through attacks on pops (port operating procedures).

Svitzer presented a document containing 30 claims that effectively swept away all the conditions of the Union acquired in the last century. “Instead of conducting real negotiations, the company made an offer that would have imposed a wage freeze for the next two years.” Certainly, such a reaction will bring Svitzer back to the table and do the right thing for its workers who have worked 24 hours a day and sacrificed for their business during a pandemic. As one delegate put it, “What a great result, this should be the kick in the froc that Svitzer needs to understand that his staff is united in the understanding that we, the MUA, will not defend attacks on our wages and conditions.” The company uses more than 100 vessels and serves 28 ports and terminals in Australia and PNG. Svitzer Australia employs more than 1,000 people who perform more than 50,000 port tug jobs in Australia each year, according to data from the company`s website. The conflict can take the form of a number of measures such as work stoppages, overtime bans and temporary changes in work practices. The MUA has taken the only measure available to bring Svitzer back to the table to ensure that wages and conditions have remained above the CPI and remain the leadership conditions they are today. The MUA pleaded for a clear “YES” to the 20 demands relating to protected trade union actions! Ports Harbours and Enclosed Water Vessels Award 2010 In general, IAM MEMBERS covered by an EA never have to attend one of the Modern Awards. However, employees who are not covered by an EA may be required to refer to the terms of the bonus. These distinctions establish the minimum legal conditions of remuneration and remuneration for all maritime workers in the six sectors indicated in the maritime industry: the following are the company agreements negotiated by AIMPE with maritime employers. . .