Verb Agreement With Collective Nouns

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In the example above, the plural corresponds to the actors of the subject. Your sentence has two themes, Dr. Jones and Team. So use the plural account. For words like the majority that indicate sections – some, all, not, etc. – look at the noun in your sentence (preposition object) to determine whether singular or plural verbage should be used. Thank you for your clear and helpful answers on this matter. I have problems with mixtures of singular plural subjects, where it would seem that an argument can be made for any form. What`s good about the following examples? How do you know that work, not works, is plural? Think about the word you would use with him and the word you would use with them. Would the word man for concordance of subjects have a singular or plural verb? Example: (Tut/ Tut) the three men have reservations. “Skills in Product and Company Management” is the right way to get your message across. “A handful of skills” might mean to some people that your abilities are limited. The phrase “extended security capabilities and knowledge” is also correct, but the word and at the beginning is not necessary, the word security is not great to write, and the character and commercial (&) should be replaced by the word and.

“Product definition, design and development as well as market and technology research” is correct with the addacolons added and the replacement of the and commercial. “Recruitment and resource management” would be consistent with others, but we don`t know what that means. We use plural obstruction with collective nouns if we view the group as individuals who all do different things, or we want to emphasize the differences that occur in the group. Let`s take the following example: Collective names refer to individual entities composed of several individuals. Good writers will make the difference between the group, which is unique, and its components: the team goes to the playoffs. Team members return home during the holidays. Whether you write “The 80s are coming back” or “The 80s were or were back” depends on whether you look at the decade as a single unit of time or whether you take into account trends or events that have occurred in certain years. If you are considered a single unit of time, you could write “The Decade of the 80s Returns” or “The Decade of the 80s Returns” to dispel any doubt. For us, it is grammatically difficult to imagine the plural expression of the 80s as a singular collective noun.

The word while is used as a conjunction in your example game. The word refers to an act described in a previous sentence. Their sentence implies that this action is taking place, while nuclear power plants significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for energy production. We cannot give any other information without seeing the previous sentence. 12. Use a singulated verb for each ______ and a lot of _________ It`s related to a marquis for my son`s work. He changes it and does not agree with what he is told to post on it. My colleagues and I disagree on whether “students” are a collective name; Maybe you can decide the problem! Which sentence is correct and why? Their first two examples include two themes that are entirely related.

So use laverb plural are. When it comes to your sentence, the subject is sometimes separated from the verb by words like with and, next to it or not…